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Staying Abreast of the Petroleum Industry's Changing Needs
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Bouchard is a total service oil barging company. We are the only barge company in New York State with 24-hour office service, year round.

Since our incorporation in 1918, progressive thinking and a strong commitment to service has fostered Bouchard's continued growth and greater recognition. Today, we stand firm by our founding father's original philosophy that, in order to best serve our customers, we must stay abreast of the times and industry's changing needs.

While increased regulations and modern technological advances within our industry have affected change.

Bouchard's Fleet of Oil Barging and Towing Vessels

October 2014
SUNY Maritime College formally opens the state-of-the-art Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc Tug & Barge Simulation Center

October 2014
News 12 Bronx highlights the Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Tug and Barge Simulation Center at SUNY Maritime

August 2014
Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. to be honored by American Maritime Safety, Inc. with the 2014 AMS Tug & Barge Safety Award.

August 2014
Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. further expands fleet with the construction of two new ATB Tugs

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